SIFT BLink provides SIFT predictions for a single protein for a given RefSeq ID or a gi number. Either all BLAST hits can be used in the protein alignment or the top hit to each organism.

This procedure is much faster than having us do the search. You can also submit your protein sequence and related sequences or aligned sequences if you already have them.

User Input

Enter your email address if you want the results through email :
Please check that your address is correct and your mailbox is not full.

Protein sequence ID

NCBI GI number OR RefSeq ID:
Note you MUST enter the PROTEIN gi number -- NOT the nucleotide or mRNA gi.
(Example: Type in 22209009 or NP_665861 to get the BLink sequences for gi:22209009)
How to find the GI number for your protein

Substitutions to be predicted on (can be left blank)
The positions of the substitutions must be relative to the protein sequence of the gi entered above.

Enter the substutions of interest [format]:
or enter the filename containing substitutions of interest


Select sequences to include:
If you receive a warning that the sequences were not diverse enough for prediction on your substitution, try "all BLAST hits". If that fails, you can submit here and have SIFT find the appropriate number of sequences.

Remove sequences more than percent identical to query
This cleans out any polymorphic alleles (sequences in the database that are nearly identical to your protein but already containing the substitutions of interest). The contaminating sequences may cause the substitution to be predicted as tolerated.

Page last modified: May 2009