This page characterizes the chromosome positions of coding indels.

To ensure success database retrieval and speed up search time, use the Restrict to Coding Variants tool to trim your list of input coordinates so it only contains coding indels.

If the input size is greater than 50 chromosome locations, upload your data using the 'upload file' option and provide a return email address.

Results are deleted after an hour, so please save them!

User Input

Select assembly/annotation version

Chromosome Coordinates
Paste in comma separated list of chromosome coordinates, orientation (1,-1) and indels see [sample format]
Limit 1000 rows


Upload file containing chromosome coordinates and nucleotide substitutions (Limit 1000 rows)

Enter your email address if you want the results through email :
Please check that your address is correct and your mailbox is not full.

Output Options

One annotation row per indel

Include the following fields in the output table

Gene Name
Gene Description
Ensembl Protein Family ID
Ensembl Protein Family Description
Ensembl Transcript Status (Known / Novel)
Protein Family Size
Ka/Ks (Human-mouse)
Ka/Ks (Human-macaque)
OMIM Disease

Page last modified: September, 2009